Now that the appraisal is done and  the inspections are all negotiated, it’s safe to hire movers and start packing!  Call now to get moving estimates and secure a mover as they often get booked up weeks in advance.  

The date you will have to turn over keys to your place is negotiated in the Purchase Agreement.  This is called Time of Possession.  Most buyers are going to request possession at closing, and we like to negotiate so you have possession of the home for 2-4 days after we attend closing.

We will remind you of what was agreed so you can plan your packing and moving out accordingly.

Items to Leave

The purchase agreement is also going to dictate what items stay in the house, like appliances, fixtures, blinds, curtains and so on. Usually anything attached to the walls such as shelving, curtain rods, curtains and curtain rods need to stay.  Everything else needs to go with you. If you aren’t sure, ask us as taking the wrong items can cause problems at the walk through 

Recommended Movers

Move Indy

Caleb Coffin (317) 995-1406

Two Men and A Truck 

(317) 318-8563


Whichever mover you end up using, we highly recommend asking them to bring wardrobe boxes with them for all of your hanging clothes. That way you don’t have to take everything off the hangers and pack the items up. Instead, the movers will simply grab everything in your closets that is hanging, put them on the rods in the boxes and then when you get to your new home you can just grab the hangers and hang the items back up. Saves a ton of time.

Moving Supplies

Start gathering boxes and packing supplies.  Often you can find free boxes on Craigs List or at grocery and liquor stores. Otherwise, most hardware stores or shipping companies like FedX, and UPS have a large selection of boxes to for purchase.   Dont forget to ask friends and family thru Social Media if they have any…


Moving can be incredibly stressful on pets so consider having them stay with a friend or in daycare for a few days while you move and get settled into your new place.

Step 17:Schedule the disconnection of Utilities

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