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Features that Buyers want in an Indianapolis area home

Features that Buyers want in an Indianapolis area home

When searching for the perfect home, many buyers have a particular set of features that they want to see in their ideal dwelling. These features can vary from location-specific attributes to general characteristics such as size or style. In the Indianapolis area, however, buyers have some unique preferences when it comes to purchasing a home. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 features that buyers in Indianapolis Area typically search for when they’re in the market for a new home.

The Condition of the Home

One of the most important features buyers look for when searching for a home in Indianapolis is the condition of the house. Potential buyers would like to see that the house has been well-maintained and is in good condition. They will want to know if the roof has been recently improved, if the HVAC system is still in good condition, or if there are plumbing leaks. They want a house that looks and feels as though it’s well taken care of with no significant issues that need to be addressed. It’s especially important for sellers to make sure their homes are in top condition when they go on sale.

Recent Improvements

Another critical feature in a home that buyers seek in Indianapolis is how recently it has been updated. They look for homes with new appliances, updated kitchens, and remodeled bathrooms. The cost of updating a home can be expensive, many buyers prefer a home that has already undergone recent improvements.

School District

One of the most important factors that many families consider when buying a home is the quality of the school district. Buyers in Indianapolis often prioritize living in a school district that have a great reputation, plenty of extracurricular activities, and many opportunities for students.  Areas with great schools attract many buyers who are raising children and want their kids to have access to quality education.

Low Crime

Home buyers everywhere, be it Indianapolis, Avon, Carmel or Greenwood are also interested in knowing the safety level of their potential neighborhoods. They want to live in areas where crime is low, with an active Neighborhood Watch Program, and secure communities with good street lighting. When looking for a neighborhood, many buyers should research the police department’s response time in case of an emergency and crime rates. Purchasing a home in a safe neighborhood is essential and positively affects the resale value of the home.


The final aspect that matters for buyers in Indianapolis is the price range of the homes available. Buyers have a budget they’re willing to spend, and they want to find a home that meets their financial goals. By knowing how much money they can afford to spend on purchasing a home, they can eliminate homes outside of their budget range.

When it comes to buying a home in Indianapolis, there are many important features buyers look towards. The condition of the home, recent improvements, school district, low crime, and price all play a vital role in the process of choosing the perfect home. Home sellers should focus on these features when listing their houses to capture the attention of potential buyers. By focusing on those aspects mentioned, homeowners can give themselves a better chance of attracting great prospective homebuyers. Understanding what buyers are searching for in a house will benefit homeowners and create a faster and smoother process for everyone involved.

If you’re looking for a home anywhere in the Indianapolis area make sure to check out the five features mentioned above. If you’re selling your home, take a few moments to review these features and consider how you can best highlight them in order to attract more buyers.   Want to learn more about buying or selling a home? Reach out to us today for solid advice from your Dedicated, Experienced Professionals!

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